[CNY PROMO] 2 Pack of Handmade Lobak Traditional (7 Roll) (Frozen Pack)





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只要油炸得到位, 腐皮将会额外爽脆, 肉香也会扑鼻而来
不含色素, 防腐剂, 味精
每包份量是350g+,有7条, 建议2-3人食用



  1. 解冻冷冻食品包装
  2. 把食油烧开 (确保食油足够盖过食物)
  3. 油炸至金黄色 (大概2分钟取之于油的热度及解冻程度)
  4. 切块
  5. 排盘享用!


Shopping Tips For Frozen Pack

  • Frozen food packs are frozen products. Normally, the product may be slightly softened/defrost during delivery. It does not affect the quality of the product and can be consumed as normal.
  • Please sign for or pick up the goods on the same day when it arrives. The buyer will bear the responsibility for the deterioration of the product due to the customer’s reasons (reject without reason, the receiver cannot be contacted, receiver not available, etc.)
  • After the customer receives the goods, please take out the products and put them in the freezer for storage (-18°C) and cannot be stored at room temperature.
  • Due to frozen food packs have high requirements for delivery and standard courier service is not allowed. Therefore, we will use cold chain transportation for delivery.
  • The customer’s storage method will affect the product’s quality, so storing the frozen food pack in the refrigerator (-18°C) is required.

The scope of delivery is entire Penang State. For more inquires to bulk purchase or delivery to out of Penang, please contact us at +604-3310216.


Courier & After Sales Service

  • Delivery time: Since we are using special cold chain transportation for delivery, our client takes within 7 working days to receive the goods.
  • Receipt: After the arrival of the goods, the client must collect the parcel from the courier company on the same day. The client shall bear the responsibility of the product deteriorates due to the customer’s failure to sign for receipt in time.
  • Inspection: After receiving the product, the client must check and accept it immediately. Suppose the client find any problems such as omissions, wrong delivery, damage, deterioration, etc… In that case, the client must contact our customer service as soon as possible (within 1 hour of receipt of the goods), and we will verify immediately.
  • Return and exchange: Food is a special commodity. To ensure the quality of the product and the benefit of each customer, once it is sold, it will not be returned or exchanged if it is not a quality problem.